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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008, 12:30pm - 5:45pm

4th Annual Tech Day at Hannan University: Supported by Nara JALT

Speakers: Mari Yamauchi, Marlen Harrison, Shawn White, Bill White, Craig Gamble, Troy Guze, Kevin Lucas, Sally Thelen, Trent Spriggs, and Matthew Rooks

This will be our fourth annual Tech Day event to share technologically-oriented ideas helpful to language teachers and learners. This year's Tech Day is our biggest yet, and is co-sponsored by Nara JALT.

There will be nine 25-minute presentations on a wide range of topics. Dinner party afterwards at the superb Naomi Amore Italian restaurant in Hirano.

  • Mari Yamauchi, Kobe Kaisei College - Using Moodle to Enhance Learning and Foster Autonomy
  • Kevin Lucas, Kwansei Gakuin University - Using Free Online Forum Software to Encourage Asynchronous and Collaborative Discussion
  • Troy Guze, Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School - Using Mnemosyne to Facilitate Language Learning
  • Shawn R. White, Mukogawa Women's University and Kansai University, and William R. White, Himeji Dokkyo University and Mukogawa Women's University - CALL on a Stick
  • Marlen E. Harrison, Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Fostering Community through Technology: Using Joomla to Create a Class Website
  • Sally Thelen, Konan University - Podcasts for Outside Listening Practice
  • Trent Spriggs, Kinki University - Using Cell Phones and ICT in the Classroom
  • Matthew Rooks, Kwansei Gakuin University - Effective Use of Online Surveys
  • Craig Gamble, Kansai Gaidai University - Using Multimedia Tools in the Classroom: Introducing Weblogs as the First Step
Location: Hannan University main campus, a 5-minute walk north of Kintetsu Kawachi-Amami station (15 minutes south of Tennoji/Abeno station)

JALT members: 500 yen, One-day members: 1000 yen