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Sunday, June 21, 2009, 12:15pm – 5:45pm

5th Annual Tech Day at Hannan University: Tech Day Plus

Speakers: Marcos Benevides, John Campbell-Larson, Neal Chambers, Stuart Cunningham, Mark Donnellan, Henry Foster, Craig Gamble, Myles Grogan, Troy Guze, Robert Hamilton, Justin Harris, Salem Hicks, John Honisz-Greens, Arthur Lauritsen, Paul Marlowe, Doug Meyer, John Rylander, Steve Silsbee, Mai Tran Thanh, and Matthew Walsh.

The themes of Tech Day are simplicity and practicality - ideas that teachers can use with a minimum of preparation or technical knowledge. This year's event promises to be bigger and better than ever: in addition to our "Tech" presentations that will take place in two fully equipped computer labs, we’re adding a “Plus” stream on a wide range of topics.

This year's presentations:
  • Marcos Benevides and John Rylander - Pragmatics in a Hurry: Teaching speech acts with very short video clips.
  • John Campbell-Larson - Raising Awareness of Spoken Discourse
  • Neal Chambers - Increasing Student and Teacher interaction with Twitter
  • Stuart Cunningham - Consciousness-raising grammar instruction
  • Mark Donnellan - Using Moodle chat and podcasts
  • Henry Foster - Building learner-generated vocabulary logs using
  • Craig Gamble - Creating and using podcasts in your classroom
  • Myles Grogan - Making pictures - Illustrations for the classroom
  • Troy Guze - Getting Started With Moodle - Setting it up from scratch
  • Robert Hamilton - Getting a grip on Subtitles: using free software to convert DVD subtitles into usable text files.
  • Justin Harris - Photo Story 3: A simple way to make multi-media projects in the classroom
  • Salem Hicks - Using Skype to foster international communication and understanding
  • John Honisz-Greens: 
    • - Using lexical profiling to aid student fluency and vocabulary acquisition 
    • - D.R.E.A.M. Management in the ELT context
  • Arthur Lauritsen - Multimedia and its use in vocabulary acquisition
  • Paul Marlowe - Using Google tools for writing in the L2 classroom
  • Douglas Meyer - Using to make dialogs and videos
  • Steve Silsbee - Online resources for finding and creating comics
  • Mai Tran Thanh - Making video presentations with Windows Movie Maker
  • Matthew Walsh - Basics of using an iPhone for language classes
Location: Hannan University's main campus, near Kintetsu Kawachi Amami station

JALT members: 500 yen; One-day members: 1,000 yen; 500 yen for full-time students