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Sunday, June 27, 12:30 - 5:30pm (Doors open 12:00)

6th Annual Tech Day at Hannan University: Tech Day Plus 2010

Tech Day has grown to be one of Osaka JALT's biggest and best events of the year, including a great dinner party afterward at one of the best Italian restaurants in Osaka. One of last year's participants recently commented, "I'm really looking forward to this year's Tech Day. [L]ast year's was seriously informative and the dinner fantastic... to tell you the truth, I learned more at last year's Tech Day then I did at CALL."

This year's presentations:

Andrew Sowter: Ten useful iPhone Applications
Bill White: A free Moodle course setup
Brian Teaman: Speaking on-line via MASLE
Brian Wojtowicz: Modal Verbs - Escaping percentage rankings
Cameron Romney: Other ways to use a classroom projector
Cameron Romney: Using iPad as an electronic gradebook
Craig Gamble: A community of learners - Multiply
Daniel Parry: Anki flashcard software
David Telega: Computer proficiency through fable writing
Douglas Meyer & Myles Grogan: How to get published
Frank Cheang: Blackboad & the blended learning format
Greg Rouault: Kindle Assisted Language Learning
J. Paul Marlowe: Software for teaching original writing
Jake Tobiyama: Digital storytelling on Powerpoint
Jean-Paul DuQuette: Teaching EFL in Second Life
John Campbell-Larsen: Mind the gap - Noticing what students do
Josh Wilson: The Future is here and it is video games
Joshua Cohen: Keeping it Simple - Sound recorder
Justin Harris: On-line survey tasks in the classroom
Mark Donnellan: Helping technophobes enjoy CALL
Matt Azizi: Newsletter Project 4 x 4
Matthew Sanders: On-line news articles for sharing & discussion
Michael Herke: The Compleat Lexical Tutor
Michael Salovaara: Responsibility in conversation
Michael Wilkins: Bite-sized listening resources
Myles Grogan: My Share - The Language Teacher
Nathaniel Carney: Download & Edit YouTube videos
Neal Chambers: Starting a Personal Learning Network
Paul Evans: Portable Apps on your USB
Richard Miller: Cultural shifts due to technology changes
Steven Silsbee: The benefits of student cards
Troy Guze: How to use computer games to teach EFL
Zane Ritchie: Virtual learning environments

Location: Hannan University's main campus, near Kintetsu Kawachi Amami station

JALT members: 500 yen, One-day members: 1,000 yen